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Could the South ‘do it again?’ Would they want to? WTF is the ‘South’ anyways?

Of late I’ve learned that whenever I start having utterly useless thoughts, the best approach is to purge myself of them using the ultimate emetic, the Internetz.  And I can’t think of a more utterly useless thought than the one noted above.  I answer the questions asked above as follow:


  • A qualified no.  Whatever else, is going on, huge chunks of real estate that once might have been considered ‘Southern’ no longer are. By this I mean at a minimum half of Florida, more than half of Texas and all of Virginia, barring perhaps only the backwaters of the far western part of the state. Indeed, what of North Carolina?  I say qualified in this sense:  barring only a complete collapse of los Estados Unidos, they ain’t goin’ anywhere.  Never mind Maryland of Kentucky. They were never Confederate, and were decidedly a mix bag as far as being Southern.
  • Actually, probably not. In fact, what the spiritual descendants  of an idiotic windbag like William Barnwell Smith, Sr. forget is that he was widely despised even inside South Carolina, was viewed as some sort of imbalanced, rabid weasel by the electorate when it came time to actually pick leaders. Oh, wait, my bad. Silly me. I mean Rhett.  Or… first he was Smith then he was Rhett, right? Since Rhett sounded more “noble” than Smith, right?  Pity he stopped at Rhett. Should have gone all the way to Foghorn Leghorn, now that would be both noble and far more accurate. And if there’s evidence of a shift in Southern attitudes toward fire eaters, well, that would indeed be interesting. But those who look towards a three dollar bill like Smith/Rhett for guidance are doing nothing but shooting themselves in the foot. Or perhaps temple. No doubt there’s hypocrisy among Yankees. But there’s no monopoly
  • As noted above, who can say? Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, West Virginia, nope, not these days. Though I suppose northern Alabama, where only one county voted in favor of secession, which part of said state supplied most of Sherman’s cavalry (The first time I stumbled across a reference to the 1st US Cavalry-Alabama as traveling with Sherman, not fighting him, I thought it was a typo. Nope. I guess the ‘buckra’ could only take so much pissing down their back by their ‘betters?’), etc., might actually have more secesh tendencies than it did back in the day. A curious bit of inversion, that. It was certainly always Southern, but debatably Confederate.

Okay, that should do it for the moment. Now we’ll have to see if we’re looking at a truly cathartic experience (per Aristotle) or if this only fans the flames of incipient lunacy all the higher (per Plato.)

Time will indeed tell. I wonder if Charlie Daniels came from the part of Tennessee that required military intervention – and 20 or so hangings – to be forcibly extricated from the Union. State’s rights, but apparently no rights for hillbillies?


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Incoherent mumbling

Embarrassment # 1: I have yet to check in on that request I made at Goodreads regarding getting the CSV file they excrete digested properly by MS Access. Good gravy, how much time did I spend writing the silly thing? I s’pose I wrote it as much for myself as any other reason. Having a document that sets forth in detail all the rooty-tooty/twisty-turnys involved in getting done what is needed can only be a good thing. But…I did ask for help. And for all I know was offered some. So, I’ll have to check in today. And offer a groveling apology

Embarrassment # 2: Sometimes [Only sometimes? Eh, let’s put that discussion on hold for now, worthwhile as it might otherwise be.] I can be a grade A turd. How much am I paying for using Goodreads.com again? That would be, umm, zero, right? As in nothing. As in moocher, freebie, tragedy of the commons zero. Indeedly do, that’s the answer.

Yet, I was all set to climb up on my high horse, the one equipped with a 2×4 embedded into the saddle, so’s it’ll slide right up yer rectum and help along that feeling of righteous indignation, which along with caffeine, lack of sleep and what may or may not be an incipient mental breakdown would doubtless have fueled this post.

And had that post been written:

  • None of it would have been fair
  • Very little of it would have made all that much sense
  • And, yup, mebee just mebee I should have ASKED if what I was trying to do (and in all honesty would still like to) is in fact possible
    • Which I didn’t do and have yet to do
    • And, duh, I guess I should

I suppose I should be slightly reassured that, incipient mental breakdown or no, there are in fact still a few functioning circuit breakers in my skull, that’ll throw when I overload the antique and very likely defective wiring in my skull, and stop dead in its tracks such a mountain of nonsense.

So, circuit breaker reset. And, curiously, all that has occurred in this post up until this point should simply be declared an extended meander. Technically, none of it is the subject I planned to discuss, high horsey or no. But it is going to be most of the text. Bit of a dilemma. But the meander gets the chop right now.

Here’s what I’m trying to do:

Actually, forget it. I’m bored to tears w/this whole business. Save it for later.

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What the hell?


What is this useless crap and why did WordPress add it? Not only that, I was specifically trying to post to THIS blog, but Wordpoop tried to send me to THAT one. Did someone, somewhere think this is actually a useful feature? I guess I just hit “text” AFTER changing the blog the post is supposed to be directed to. Do they give some sort of Employee of the Month award for whoever comes up with the most useless, intrusive, potentially confusing extra screen? Inquiring minds don’t want to know. They just want it extinct.

WordPress, get rid of this. Mmmkay, thanks.

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December 5, 2012 · 6:51 am

Easybm[.com] or Diarrhea Unlimited[.toilet]?

NOTE: My advice: Do not, not, not visit the EasyBM site. Just in case my bloviating is less than clear on that point. It looks to have more creepy-crawlies than Madonna’s coochie§.(Well, maybe not that many. But still quite a few.) >>>This is a rant, NOT an endorsement.<<<

Glad I’ve got this pile o’ garbage blog to chuck stuff that pisses me off. I’d set up an account at EasyBM b/c I liked the text based bookmarking, and blah, blah, blah. Hadn’t been there in a bit, but I figured I’d take another look and maybe start using it again. But when I went to leave the site, *ding* up pops Avast! with a malware alert. Whoa, says I. And just out of curiosity went looking to see if Avast was overreacting or if others were warning about the site. Yup, they are. (see review below)

Anyhow, I figured since I’m gonna run a full virus check when I hit the road in an hour or two anyways, I’d leave a “site review” where it says on the site to, ummm, leave a site review. So, back on the site I went. Only it wouldn’t let me post the review. Kept asking for a rating whether I gave the place 1 star or 5 stars. I was actually willing to cut the site owner some slack since before I tried to post the review I figured there was a chance his site might have been compromised w/out his knowledge. Now, let’s just say the dial’s gone from “possible, perhaps even probable” to “very unlikely” on that score. Whomever Mr. or Ms. BM are, I’d say the shit on the site is intentional. I guess there’s still a chance I’m wrong in imputing intent…but, whatever, even if I’m wrong on that one point the site has a doubleplus ungood track record with nasties.

So, what follows is the review I tried to post, a screenie of what happened when I tried, and a completely irrelevant footnote to myself…

Your site is blacklisted at:


as passing on malicious software, in six different flavors.

Warning! 6 items associated with easybm.com are listed in 3 DNS blacklists.
DNS MX Record (Mail Server) mail.easybm.com. resolves to a blacklisted IP
DNS A Record easybm.com. resolves to a blacklisted IP
LISTED 26ms DRBL vote node gremlin.ru
DNS MX Record (Mail Server) mail.easybm.com. resolves to a blacklisted IP
DNS A Record easybm.com. resolves to a blacklisted IP
LISTED 26ms DRBL work node gremlin.ru
DNS MX Record (Mail Server) mail.easybm.com. resolves to a blacklisted IP
DNS A Record easybm.com. resolves to a blacklisted IP

My Avast! (free version) was also automatically triggered and listed yet another bit of nastiness:

Infection Details
URL: http://www.easybm .com/|{gzip}
Process: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox…
Infection: HTML:Script-inf

I don’t know if you’re an innocent whose site has been compromised by outsiders (these things do happen) or doing this intentionally…the latter making you lower than pond scum in my book.

In any event, I’m outta here and won’t be back. Ever. And would advise anyone and everyone to do the same. Intentional or not, you’re running an unsafe site.

Interesting. I’m not being allowed to submit a review, whatever rating I give. from 1 to 5 stars, it doesn’t matter.I get a pop-up box to “give a rating” after already having done so. Very cute.


§ – Possibly the first time I’ve ever used African-American slang without realizing it. Interesting.

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