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Observation: EBook Weirdness

Two absolutely pointless observations follow. Feel free to skip. Continue reading


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I’m mystified. And wrong not once but twice.

First I post something making fun of Quebec’s proposed right to murder, err, die, law.

Then I have a good chuckle and issue a mea culpa that the glorious Commonwealth of Massachusetts had an initiative on the ballot in November that pretty much did the same thing, but also gussied it up in a pretty cover of hypocritical slime stating how wonderful and fantastic this would be.

I also figured the initiative was a slam-dunk to pass. And I figured wrong. It failed. The only thing I can figure is that either (a) physician groups were afraid malpractice rates would zoom higher than they are now, or (b) the Senile Old Man (a/k/a the Catholic Church) roused himself from his near permanent stupor, popped his dentures in, and went to bat against this. And phrased his opposition in a way that actually made sense to his dwindling but still rather large flock.

I honestly don’t find either explanation entirely satisfactory, but the facts is what they is. It went down in flames. Note: I’m assuming that site has its numbers right, and mebee 51%/49% means there’s always next time. Also, they put the winning figure by county on top, which initially confused the living crap out of me, since I just assumed a Yes/No order. No, that would probably make too much sense.

So, do I retract my previous mea culpa or issue another one? Actually, dunno and don’t care. Still just a tad disappointed that this “sanctity of life” crap pwnz “unplug granny,” at least for now.

And, yes, I was in favor and voted that way. Part of me thinks that anything which coarsens human life can’t be all bad, and part of me would personally want the plug yanked the very instant my brain goes flatline, fuck whatever my heart and lungs are doing.


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What the hell?


What is this useless crap and why did WordPress add it? Not only that, I was specifically trying to post to THIS blog, but Wordpoop tried to send me to THAT one. Did someone, somewhere think this is actually a useful feature? I guess I just hit “text” AFTER changing the blog the post is supposed to be directed to. Do they give some sort of Employee of the Month award for whoever comes up with the most useless, intrusive, potentially confusing extra screen? Inquiring minds don’t want to know. They just want it extinct.

WordPress, get rid of this. Mmmkay, thanks.

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December 5, 2012 · 6:51 am

Utterly Unnecessary Post

Edit: A widget. ‘Course that’s what it is. And ‘course they don’t actually say that (well maybe they do, and I just didn’t look closely enough. That can happen too.)

I’m just curious what the heck a “featured image” does. Does it sit on top of all your other posts? Tap dance across the screen like Jimmy Cagney? Well, I’ll know when this gets posted, at least as far as the “sitting on top” if not the tap dancing…

Oh, and speaking of my man Leon Trotsky, somehow I jarred loose a memory of him in a comic book with a guy sneaking up behind him w/a pickaxe. Durned if I actually didn’t find it. I usually suck at searches where I have to fumble around for the correct terms. Not this time. 🙂


Though I must admit I don’t remember the guy doing the sneaking looking like the Frito Bandito, in an ensemble including sombrero and serrape.

To give credit where credit is due, the entire comic can be found here:

This Godless Communism, though it was kind of irritating how it loaded (slowly) as a slide show. But the foreword by none other than J. Edgar Hoover makes it an almost priceless artifact. Here’s the cover. I dig it, man.


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Today’s D-Bag of the Day Award Goes To….

anyone who thinks having this bumper sticker makes you into some kind of fight the power/RATM/o so hip hipster…

Congratulations! I hereby award you my coveted D-Bag of the Day Award.

I mean if the Goldstein of Orwell’s 1984 is not modeled on psychotic mass-murderer Leon Trotsky I’ll eat my dirty underwear, with ketchup on the side. You might as well have the word “moron” tattooed on your forehead as put this on the back of your car.

But I did come up with an alternative….

Now to have a bumper sticker like that on your car? We’re talking a matched set of brass ball-bearings, if you get my drift. Especially if the happy face gets included.

And I seriously doubt anyone who “gets” the reference would mess with you. I’m sure somewhere in this shining Republic of ours there’s a Room 101 for anyone who would, shall we say, take issue with said (revised) bumper sticker.

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Easybm[.com] or Diarrhea Unlimited[.toilet]?

NOTE: My advice: Do not, not, not visit the EasyBM site. Just in case my bloviating is less than clear on that point. It looks to have more creepy-crawlies than Madonna’s coochie§.(Well, maybe not that many. But still quite a few.) >>>This is a rant, NOT an endorsement.<<<

Glad I’ve got this pile o’ garbage blog to chuck stuff that pisses me off. I’d set up an account at EasyBM b/c I liked the text based bookmarking, and blah, blah, blah. Hadn’t been there in a bit, but I figured I’d take another look and maybe start using it again. But when I went to leave the site, *ding* up pops Avast! with a malware alert. Whoa, says I. And just out of curiosity went looking to see if Avast was overreacting or if others were warning about the site. Yup, they are. (see review below)

Anyhow, I figured since I’m gonna run a full virus check when I hit the road in an hour or two anyways, I’d leave a “site review” where it says on the site to, ummm, leave a site review. So, back on the site I went. Only it wouldn’t let me post the review. Kept asking for a rating whether I gave the place 1 star or 5 stars. I was actually willing to cut the site owner some slack since before I tried to post the review I figured there was a chance his site might have been compromised w/out his knowledge. Now, let’s just say the dial’s gone from “possible, perhaps even probable” to “very unlikely” on that score. Whomever Mr. or Ms. BM are, I’d say the shit on the site is intentional. I guess there’s still a chance I’m wrong in imputing intent…but, whatever, even if I’m wrong on that one point the site has a doubleplus ungood track record with nasties.

So, what follows is the review I tried to post, a screenie of what happened when I tried, and a completely irrelevant footnote to myself…

Your site is blacklisted at:


as passing on malicious software, in six different flavors.

Warning! 6 items associated with easybm.com are listed in 3 DNS blacklists.
DNS MX Record (Mail Server) mail.easybm.com. resolves to a blacklisted IP
DNS A Record easybm.com. resolves to a blacklisted IP
LISTED 26ms DRBL vote node gremlin.ru
DNS MX Record (Mail Server) mail.easybm.com. resolves to a blacklisted IP
DNS A Record easybm.com. resolves to a blacklisted IP
LISTED 26ms DRBL work node gremlin.ru
DNS MX Record (Mail Server) mail.easybm.com. resolves to a blacklisted IP
DNS A Record easybm.com. resolves to a blacklisted IP

My Avast! (free version) was also automatically triggered and listed yet another bit of nastiness:

Infection Details
URL: http://www.easybm .com/|{gzip}
Process: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox…
Infection: HTML:Script-inf

I don’t know if you’re an innocent whose site has been compromised by outsiders (these things do happen) or doing this intentionally…the latter making you lower than pond scum in my book.

In any event, I’m outta here and won’t be back. Ever. And would advise anyone and everyone to do the same. Intentional or not, you’re running an unsafe site.

Interesting. I’m not being allowed to submit a review, whatever rating I give. from 1 to 5 stars, it doesn’t matter.I get a pop-up box to “give a rating” after already having done so. Very cute.


§ – Possibly the first time I’ve ever used African-American slang without realizing it. Interesting.

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Glory, glory, hallelujah!

I am on the receiving end of spam porn texts. WTF did I ever do to deserve this garbage? Before I go through and delete the ones I’ve missed for whatever reason I figured I’d post them in all their glory here. I limited myself to five, and then two shots of the text listing pages, so the full telephone number shows in all its glory.

The thumbnails are links to photobucket. Click the thumbnail and you’ll get taken to a version of the image that is about 50% of full size. Cursor over the image and you get a magnifying glass. Click again. Then you can read them in their full glory.

Boy, when a phrase enters my pea-brain it sets up housekeeping, doesn’t it? The sad/depressing part being, of course, that Your Humble Narrator hasn’t the foggiest idea that this landlord/tenant relationship has been established until long after the fact, possibly to the point where said tenant could assert some sort of “squatter’s rights” and claim legal title to what remains of my brain.

I “glory” this and “glory” that three times in a mere 113 words, and had not a clue I was doing so as I was doing it. Even better, since each “glory” is part of a three (or possibly four) word phrase, call the total “glory” a glorious  eight percent of the text of the two paragraphs.

The only possible defense I might offer is that I was distracted by my flat-bed scanner. But I’d rather not go there, since it actually works fine. The temper-tantrum, flavored of course with a dollop of righteous indignation, that was building inside me when I couldn’t get it to do what I wanted it to resulted from my own stupidity. And nothing else. Meaning trying to blame that tedious prose on it is rather akin to saying, “No, your honor, I really didn’t mean to run those people over. But you see I was drunk at the time, so I was having difficulty with that staying between the lines thing.”

I’ve often wondered why I find it so difficult to keep a blog on any level at all. Finally marked it down to laziness, pure and unadulterated. But now I’m thinking there’s at least a tiny li’l element that with each entry I confirm my prose as being every bit as hackneyed as I’ve long suspected.

Why am I put in my mind of this particular Ani DiFranco song? Without plumbing — or more appropriately, roto-rootering — my subconscious, I’m saying jealousy. Jealousy at people who can actually do writin’, story-tellin’ and so on, and make it interesting, coherent, or hell, something other than embarassing.

Amusingly, if DiFranco and I ever crossed paths I’m guessing it would be about 14 seconds before we were screaming in each other’s faces. I would imagine that good-looking males of the species* can sometimes finagle such things into a horizontal bop session. I mean, you raise the passions, you raise the passions. But unless DiFranco has some deeply buried fetish for Jabba the Hutt look-a-likes, that ain’t anything I’d need to worry to much about§.

* – Particularly those with the ethics of a shark and the morals of a tomcat.

§ – Not that I give a shit at this point, come to think of it. Thanks to the cornucopia of pills I’m on whatever libido I once had is now long-gone. Or maybe uncured depression is at fault. Or maybe that low testosterone issue is worse that they previously thought? Or perhaps it is all of the above.¶ Rather depressing that I have already bred. Not that I don’t love the kid — in fact, if there’s a check on suicide, he’s it — but I’ve certainly done the child no favors genetically.

¶ – If I “don’t give a shit,” why am I mentioning it? I suppose I could burble some silliness about the hypersexualized society we’re living in, these last days before the Spenglerian/Toynbeean inevitable collapse that’s coming, but I’ll come clean. Must be from checking it at this blog from time to time. Fascinating stuff, in fifteen minute intervals. It is like a peek inside the head of someone whose existence is at such a vast remove from my own it is almost as though he and I are two different species.The difference is at some fundamental level that transcends politics, economics, or whatever other transient label that could be applied. Hard-wiring, “nature” not “nurture” here. Eh, I suppose I should do an entry purely on nothing but that blog at some point. I have no issue with the site that’s of any consequence, it is just so utterly alien to me I won’t even pretend to try to get my arms around it.

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