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Could the South ‘do it again?’ Would they want to? WTF is the ‘South’ anyways?

Of late I’ve learned that whenever I start having utterly useless thoughts, the best approach is to purge myself of them using the ultimate emetic, the Internetz.  And I can’t think of a more utterly useless thought than the one noted above.  I answer the questions asked above as follow:


  • A qualified no.  Whatever else, is going on, huge chunks of real estate that once might have been considered ‘Southern’ no longer are. By this I mean at a minimum half of Florida, more than half of Texas and all of Virginia, barring perhaps only the backwaters of the far western part of the state. Indeed, what of North Carolina?  I say qualified in this sense:  barring only a complete collapse of los Estados Unidos, they ain’t goin’ anywhere.  Never mind Maryland of Kentucky. They were never Confederate, and were decidedly a mix bag as far as being Southern.
  • Actually, probably not. In fact, what the spiritual descendants  of an idiotic windbag like William Barnwell Smith, Sr. forget is that he was widely despised even inside South Carolina, was viewed as some sort of imbalanced, rabid weasel by the electorate when it came time to actually pick leaders. Oh, wait, my bad. Silly me. I mean Rhett.  Or… first he was Smith then he was Rhett, right? Since Rhett sounded more “noble” than Smith, right?  Pity he stopped at Rhett. Should have gone all the way to Foghorn Leghorn, now that would be both noble and far more accurate. And if there’s evidence of a shift in Southern attitudes toward fire eaters, well, that would indeed be interesting. But those who look towards a three dollar bill like Smith/Rhett for guidance are doing nothing but shooting themselves in the foot. Or perhaps temple. No doubt there’s hypocrisy among Yankees. But there’s no monopoly
  • As noted above, who can say? Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, West Virginia, nope, not these days. Though I suppose northern Alabama, where only one county voted in favor of secession, which part of said state supplied most of Sherman’s cavalry (The first time I stumbled across a reference to the 1st US Cavalry-Alabama as traveling with Sherman, not fighting him, I thought it was a typo. Nope. I guess the ‘buckra’ could only take so much pissing down their back by their ‘betters?’), etc., might actually have more secesh tendencies than it did back in the day. A curious bit of inversion, that. It was certainly always Southern, but debatably Confederate.

Okay, that should do it for the moment. Now we’ll have to see if we’re looking at a truly cathartic experience (per Aristotle) or if this only fans the flames of incipient lunacy all the higher (per Plato.)

Time will indeed tell. I wonder if Charlie Daniels came from the part of Tennessee that required military intervention – and 20 or so hangings – to be forcibly extricated from the Union. State’s rights, but apparently no rights for hillbillies?


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