Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell.
–Edward Abbey–

Major Premise: Western civilization is done.

Minor Premise: I’m falling apart at a slightly faster rate than Western civilization.

Conclusion: Take Abbey’s quote exactly as I can’t see him ever wanting it taken, raise banners in its name on all flagpoles and shout from the rooftops that the cancer cell has conquered. Laugh at anyone claiming otherwise, laugh at the foibles of the agents who help things metastasize along, and actually, laugh at anyone and everyone who annoys you.

That is the purpose of this blog. So now you know. I do have another blog that I intend to resume posting on, but the urge to create what amounts to an overflowing toilet insistently beckons, and on one blog would quite literally swamp and drown out a far fewer number of posts made from a bit more rational standpoint. Anticipated content here:

  • links to news stories, articles, and so forth, commented upon by yours truly as appropriate
  • quotes I stumble across that I might want access to again someday
  • rants about certain groups who irritate me
  • maybe book reviews if I can figure out how to tie goodreads to wordpress

And probably more utterly useless junk, as it catches my eye.