Observation: EBook Weirdness

Two absolutely pointless observations follow. Feel free to skip.

Observation # 1:

Consider the following curious situation:

Mystyx-Series photo Mystyx-SeriesGR_zpsc5648746.jpgMystyx-Series

And no, I don’t mean my complete incompetence with anything and everything related to HTML.  I mean why would a public library stock only volumes 2.5, 3, and 4 of a series in e-book format? I could see a publisher allowing allowing the first and second book, in the hopes that a hooked fish could be reeled in and presumably scaled of a few dollars, but the situation at hand is the exact opposite. The only thoughts that come to mind are:

  • Publishers secretly loathe the idea of libraries muscling into the e-book biz. Therefore, they’ll set something up with a library that LOOKS like they’re granting licenses to a whole lotta titles, when in reality what they’re doing is making it pretty unlikely that anyone will consider reading the books via this route. (The first available volume is 2.5? Wow, gotta check out that one.)
  • Some sort of automated cutoff date based on publication? That might make sense if the second, second and-a-half, and third book in the series hadn’t all been published in 2011. But, umm, they were.
  • Something else, something I’m too hare-brained to see.  Or some sort of strange laziness and/or application of inertia at acquisition desk of the BPL and/or the publisher related to a YA series. A YA series that sounds like a breakfast cereal, so mayhap also a chance that there’s a bit of an inability to take the whole thing seriously at either of the institutions mentioned in the preceding sentence.
  • The Artist known as Arthur is African-American. Obviously, its all due to racism.(Mmmkay, this one not so much. In fact, not at all.)

In sum, I have no idea why it would be set up this way. All I can see is the result. And it is not so much annoying as silly. Which is why I’ve decided to make a note of it here at this “Bottom of the Barrel” WordPress blog o’ mine.

Note: The first image is snipped from here, the second is a PDF print of a page from the site of the Boston Public Library, where the first is presumably public and the latter is probably not.

Note: Yeah, I know they’ve got paper copies. I also know I’m about as likely to voluntarily go into Boston as I am to the dark side of the moon.

Observation # 2

WTF is a middle-aged white man doing reading a series of books meant for teens? (I was going to say “Urban teens,” as if anyone with two brain cells to rub together didn’t understand what that means. But that’s not fair, for all that the TRU imprint is decidedly “Urban” in its other offerings.) In any event, I’ll have to get back to myself on that one. If I ever figure out WTF I’m doing reading said books. Which I am, in good conscience no nolo contendere declarations permitted.


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