Book Review Conundrums

Intro: Navel Gazin’ Time

The silliest things bother me, and what are undoubtedly the most most important seem to pass under my radar. Thus, I find myself worried about the way I’ve been reviewing books on, rather than, oh I don’t know, the million or so other things that I admit are more relevant to my life, and the million or so that I do not, but doubtless are.  But such is the state of my existence.

At one point I’d actually declared to myself that I’d stop reviewing books until I came up with some guidelines about how best to approach the whole topic. But, guess what? I never did establish those guidelines and rather sheepishly went back to reviewing books. But, yeah, the whole thing has continued to bug me. So, I suppose this meandering mess is an attempt to plug that hole as much as it is anything else.

But it is also both more and less. More, in the sense that I’m now interested in documenting why such-and-such a novel appeals to me. Or does not. Ditto works of nonfiction, though I’m not sure I’ve got the energy to slay that dragon in this post. Less, in the sense that I’m now utterly uninterested in striving for coherence, readability or (hell, no) brevity. So if an overdose of punctuation bugs thee, as in excessive parentheses, commas, semi-colons, ad nauseum, get thee behind me Satan. And begone, foul creature. And that says nothing of the meanders; oxbows; dumping of untreated sewage, PCBs and so forth into this particular stream of thought as it meanders its way to the sea of oblivion.

Perhaps I could consider this case of diarrhea of the keyboard a draft of sorts, but, nah. That would be intellectually dishonest. (Says the guy anonymously reviewing books, to hoist me on my own petard, but fuck it. Let’s just say my lines of honesty and dishonesty are drawn a bit oddly. But for all that, they are bright lines that I try not to cross.) Can’t absolutely rule it out, but

Part 1 of a whole lot. Maybe.

As I was writing this it dawned on me there’s no way I’m going to finish it in one sitting. Pity this didn’t dawn on me before I started, but it didn’t.  So, just adjust yer settings to “series of posts” from “post” wherever such a thing occurred. And I’ll hopefully be putting a bunch of rococo additions onto this house of horrors over time. Or I’ll somehow magically get a clue and realize that life is too short for certain things. Especially things like this. But the odds of me doing such a thing are up there with the return of Megatherium (my favorite animal of all time) from extinction. So, I’m anticipating I’ll see this mess through to completion.

Yep. We’ll do it live. To play us out. And so on.

EDIT: Sigh. The dictates of a capricious conscience made me return to this post to note that said YouTube link has enough F-bombs to result in a scorched earth if they were real bombs. Clicky on linky at own risky.

Speaking of caprice, why should “clicky” and “linky” invoke the red squiggles of spell check, but “risky” does not? Even more curious, MS Live Writer’s spell check didn’t like “begone,” but the Firefox variant is a-ok with it. Discuss amongst yerselves. END EDIT.


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  1. That would be because “risky” is a real word, I realized .02 seconds after I posted the edit. I’m such a flatline sometimes.