Book Review: Amped, by Daniel H. Wilson

AmpedAmped by Daniel H. Wilson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have to give this book five stars. I just HAVE TO, in spite of it being a bit on the silly side in a few places. The debbil made me do it. Or, perhaps not. Perhaps it is just that I found in this book what science fiction is SUPPOSED to be. First, it should be entertaining. This is that, and in spades. Second, it should make you think. This does do that, but but not in a preachy, annoying way. Best of all, Wilson never lets his thinkin’ get in the way of entertainin’. Not great literature, of course. But so what? I’ll rate cheeseburgers one way and filet mignon another, thank you very much.

And I’ll even trot out the ultimate cliche for this sucker: Hopefully somehow, someway, some bigshot Hollywood producer finds his way to this book. And that somehow, someway in between his busy day of playing motorboat with his mistress’ silicon implants and tracking down his friendly, local drug dealer for some high-octane Bolivian marching powder said hypothetical producer actually thinks to himself, “If I can’t make a decent movie out of this, I shouldn’t be in the movie-making business.” One can but hope. I doubt it will happen, or that if it did happen it would be a mess…but hey, hope springs eternal and all that.

No silly ending like Robopocalypse, either. Said book was decent, but not in the same league as this one.

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