Book Review: Travel Photography in a Day for Dummies, by Serge Timacheff

Travel Photography in a Day for DummiesTravel Photography in a Day for Dummies by Serge Timacheff

I’m going to forebear giving a rating here, since one handicap the book had — at least as I viewed it on my kindle — was not the author’s fault. Namely, everything was in black and white. Duh, I suppose, but this seriously detracted from the whole reading experience. And it also isn’t fair to criticize the author for brevity in certain areas, since going into the book it is made perfectly clear that that’s what is aimed for.

On balance I suppose if I were to ignore the issue my now seemingly out of date Kindle caused I’d give the book at least three stars. But if I did not I’d probably think two stars a fair rating…so I skip that whole business and move on.

And, I suppose this book also wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. What I’m more interested in at this point is figuring out what camera to buy, rather than getting into the nuts and bolts of photo compoosition. But, again, no false advertising or misleading statements I can complain about. So I’ll happily take what I was given in that area, and shaddup and move along. (FTR, what was given seemed both balanced and in reasonable detail when he did discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different camera types.)

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