WordPress Annoyance, Pt. 87

I know I’ve whined about this crappy screen that seems to make an appearance on an irregular basis someplace or other, but some topics just never grow old.


Or at any rate it used to be on an irregular basis. Now it seems to pop up every time you log in. Why and what for, in the name of heaven? I’d rate it as useless to downright confusing if asked, but, alas, I’m hardly amongst the Powers that Be at WordPress.com.

Which brings me to my second irritant: This.

I made the mistake of following the link from that screen. And, ummm, WTF? What exactly are they looking for here? Someone to admit that they chopped up their grandmother in the backyard and baked her remains into a yummy casserole of Grandma Pot Pie? And to note that, nope, nobody’s caught me yet, but I’ve still got some leftovers in the fridge. Do ya think I should leave ’em be or eat ’em up yum as late lunch? (Note to the anal out there: Both of my grandmothers are long deceased, one in 1971, the other in 1985. This is an example, not an autobiographical sketch.)

All about the “art and craft” of blogging, too. Should I expect some Elmer’s Glue and little shiny bits so I can make a coaster, like I did back in the day at the YMCA day camp? One of my resolutions for the New Year was to try to be a bit less cynical and skeptical towards my fellow humans. But, Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, how can I be expected to hold myself to such a task in the face of twaddle like this? Is it even possible?


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