I’m mystified. And wrong not once but twice.

First I post something making fun of Quebec’s proposed right to murder, err, die, law.

Then I have a good chuckle and issue a mea culpa that the glorious Commonwealth of Massachusetts had an initiative on the ballot in November that pretty much did the same thing, but also gussied it up in a pretty cover of hypocritical slime stating how wonderful and fantastic this would be.

I also figured the initiative was a slam-dunk to pass. And I figured wrong. It failed. The only thing I can figure is that either (a) physician groups were afraid malpractice rates would zoom higher than they are now, or (b) the Senile Old Man (a/k/a the Catholic Church) roused himself from his near permanent stupor, popped his dentures in, and went to bat against this. And phrased his opposition in a way that actually made sense to his dwindling but still rather large flock.

I honestly don’t find either explanation entirely satisfactory, but the facts is what they is. It went down in flames. Note: I’m assuming that site has its numbers right, and mebee 51%/49% means there’s always next time. Also, they put the winning figure by county on top, which initially confused the living crap out of me, since I just assumed a Yes/No order. No, that would probably make too much sense.

So, do I retract my previous mea culpa or issue another one? Actually, dunno and don’t care. Still just a tad disappointed that this “sanctity of life” crap pwnz “unplug granny,” at least for now.

And, yes, I was in favor and voted that way. Part of me thinks that anything which coarsens human life can’t be all bad, and part of me would personally want the plug yanked the very instant my brain goes flatline, fuck whatever my heart and lungs are doing.



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