This is a test.

Theoretically this should post on the Ideology of the Cancer Cell Blog. I’m writing this on Windows Live Writer and bidding it a fond bon voyage with high hopes that it shall reach its destination.

However, If it doesn’t, well I shan’t be a whit surprised. But the various and sundry “improvements” at WordPress of late are driving me batshit crazy. (Or, more likely, crazier. Though given the way the English language is constructed it appears “batshit crazy” is the apex of craziness. I’m honestly not precisely sure what grammatical rules are violated to speak of “batshittier crazy” or “batshit crazier,” or, oddest of all, “batshittier crazier.” But none of them look quite right. That I’ll go by gut on.)  So, I wander back to the evil empire and see what I shall see.

And as I recall Softie actually did a 180° turn on this particular bit of freeware. Earlier versions worked, sort of, but did some very strange things to your posts every once in a while, apparently as a reminder of who is really the boss around here. Not all the time, or even most of the time. Just every once in a while for no reason I could ever figure.

Then they announced they were abandoning WLW altogether. People grumbled, but there was hardly a tidal wave of anger at the prospect, at least that I could see.  And then, out of the blue, Softie reissued/upgraded  it, solving a great many of the previous problems EXCEPT FOR:

  • Images from Photobucket or wherever can be dropped into the post, but thumbnails of the images cannot.  You get a nice l’il red “X,” in spite of the fact that WP does support thumbnails, and this is hardly rocket science HTML (I think? I know beans about HTML so I’m kinda guessing.)
  • WLW does not track post “tags.”  I think if you assign one to the post that is already included on the blog it works, but if you make up a new one it goes to the server in the sky, not into whatever shows up on WP.


Yup, as I suspected. Windows Live Writer(WLW) does “do” images via link from Photobucket or wherever, but gives you the “Red X” treatment if you try to post a thumnail via WLW.

I guess I’ll have to wait and see the actual post to verify whether or not the “Test” tag attached to this message survives. My life is full of such excitement it’s a wonder I can stand it.


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